The Kromme Rijn Region

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Tales of the Kromme Rijnstreek

The Kromme Rijnstreek is on the outskirts of Utrecht. The river landscape of the Kromme Rijn (Crooked Rhine) meets the Utrecht Ridge here. This makes for a varied landscape with a range of options for walking, cycling and canoeing. Along the way are the many orchards with cherries and other fruits for which the Kromme Rijnstreek is known. There are beautiful castles and estates in the most wonderful parts of the landscape. The forts of the New Dutch Water Line are also well worth a visit. At Fort Vechten, you can also see the Roman history of the region. After all, the Kromme Rijn formed part of the Roman Limes, the border of the ancient Roman Empire. The towns of Bunnik, Odijk, Vechten, Werkhoven, Cothen, Langbroek, Wijk bij Duurstede, Houten, 't Goy, Tull en 't Waal and Schalkwijk are located within the Kromme Rijnstreek.

The New Dutch Water Line

The Roman Limes

The Kromme Rijn

Castles and Estates

Cherry and fruit growing

The New Dutch Water Line

Water as a means of defence. Come and discover it!

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There are also great options for rainy days.

Historical Places

Imagine yourself in the Middle Ages with a visit to the historical sites. 

Wandelen en fietsen in de Kromme Rijnstreek


Whether you prefer walking, cycling or sailing, it's all possible!

Stadswal Wijk bij Duurstede en Molen

Suprising Places in The Kromme Rijn Region

Visit the different places that enrich the Kromme Rijnstreek.

Beleef Woerden

Shopping together

A pleasant day of shopping in the various towns.

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Haven in Wijk bij Duurstede

Take a town walk

Scroll through the historic centre of WIjk bij Duurstede!