The New Dutch Water Line

You'll need to allow a few days to be able to see the whole of the New Dutch Water Line. This old line of military defence is 85 kilometres long and runs from Muiden to the Biesbosch. The Stelling van Utrecht lies at the heart of the New Dutch Water Line and consists of no fewer than 16 forts, 13 of which are within the Kromme Rijnstreek. In the event of a war threat, it made it possible to flood the area between Muiden and the Biesbosch so that the enemy was unable to approach. The idea of ​​using the water to protect the country is unique in the world! The New Dutch Water Line is therefore nominated for the status of a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Fort Honswijk luchtfoto

Nowadays, the New Dutch Water Line has a new function. It's a beautiful green area with plenty of opportunities for walking and cycling. In the Kromme Rijnstreek, you can visit some of the most special parts of the Water Line and fully experience its history. For example, at the Water Line Museum in Fort Vechten, you can experience an interactive exploration of the defence line and visit the tower of Fort Honswijk, the oldest and largest on the New Dutch Water Line. Many forts can be viewed both from the outside and the inside. Guided tours and various other activities take place regularly. Ask the Tourist Office about what's available.

Waalse Wetering Tull en 't Waal

Fort Vechten

In the beautifully renovated Fort Vechten, you'll find the Water Line Museum: an interactive journey of discovery through the New Dutch Water Line. You can also visit the fort for all kinds of activities: tours, festivals, company outings, walking routes... and you can even get married there!

Stelling van Honswijk

On the Eiland van Schalkwijk, you'll find the Stelling van Honswijk. Here you can walk, cycle or canoe through a historic and particularly well-preserved Water Line landscape. You'll pass by forts, defences, an inundation canal and open shooting fields. The highlight is Fort Honswijk, the largest tower fort on the Water Line with exceptional architectural beauty.

For ideas for fun activities on the New Dutch Water Line, visit:

You can also walk the beautiful LAW 17 - the Water Line trail past Fort Honswijk. Look for the route here (in Dutch).

Fort Honswijk

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