Fort Everdingen aan de Lek


Noodweg 2
4121 KK Everdingen
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Anyone who delves into the history of the Vijfheerenlanden will soon discover that the now very quiet and peaceful area has a history filled with clashing weapons. Destroyed towns and castles, plundering and domestic (and foreign) wars: every town and village has its own story to tell. Everdingen was put on the Dutch military map in the 19th Century as part of the New Dutch Water Line.

The New Dutch Water Line ran from the former Zuiderzee near Muiden to the Biesbosch near Werkendam and consisted of a variety of defences and inundation fields (areas that could be placed underwater). Fort Everdingen was built between 1842 and 1847 and, together with Fort Honswijk, formed the Lek access on the other side of the Lek. The surrounding land could be flooded using inundation locks. The fort itself was walled and well defended by a variety of casemates. The new Dutch Water Line was prepared 3 times. At the end of World War II, German forces used the line as a defence against the advancing Allies. Fort Everdingen lost its defensive function after the war. The military Explosive Ordinance Disposal service used the fort until 2014. It’s now home to the German & Lauret brewery, which uses the special water filtering system in their brewery. It’s also an over-wintering place for many bats.