About the Kromme Rijnstreek Tourist Office

Organisation of the Kromme Rijnstreek Tourist Office 

The Tourist Office association is a volunteer organisation with a few professional (project) employees. From the Tourist Office, 40 volunteers enjoy working on the promotion and hospitality of the Kromme Rijnstreek which centres around the municipalities of Bunnik, Houten and Wijk bij Duurstede.

The Tourist Office is accessible 24/7 at www.vvvkrommerijnstreek.nl. A Tourist Office shop can be found at the Achterstraat-Wijk bij Duurstede. There are also a Tourist Office information points at Fort bij Vechten (municipality of Bunnik), Linielanding along the A27 (Houten/Nieuwegein) and the Tourist Office information point at Eiland van Schalkwijk.

The Tourist Office association now has more than 110 members who, through an SME, PLUS or TOP membership, strive to put themselves and the region on the map and facilitate and strengthen the work of the association. To express interest in becoming a member, contact relatiekrs@gmail.com.

There is also a subsidy relationship with the three central municipalities.

For more information about Kromme Rijnstreek Tourist Office, contact info@vvvkrommerijnstreek.nl or call +31 343 575995.

The board of VVV Kromme Rijnstreek is composed as follows:

Chairman: Roger Caubo, redactie@vvvkrommerijnstreek.nl

Secretary: Ellen Kok, secretaris@vvvkrommerijnstreek.nl

Treasurer: Rob Neleman, penningmeester@vvvkrommerijnstreek.nl

Board member: Hélène ten Heuvel, bestuurslid1@vvvkrommerijnstreek.nl