Waterline Museum Fort Vechten

The Netherlands has a cool family museum: the Water Line Museum.
Visit the museum and discover the nearby Fort Vechten at the same time. After a day of wandering around, the Water Line will have no secrets for you any more!

In the museum building, you'll learn all about the Water Line in an interactive journey of discovery. People from different times immerse you in their experiences. (Prince) Maurits tells about the brilliant idea he had in 1589, a farmer's wife takes you into her personal life in the disaster year of 1672 and a soldier shows you the weak spots in the line in 1794. Engineer Kraijenhoff explains why the Water Line was relocated in 1815 and a workman shows you the harsh conditions he had to work under in 1880.

And if you still haven't had enough, you can fly inside the museum with virtual reality glasses over the Water Line and see what no one has ever seen before - the New Dutch Water Line after being flooded!

From the Water Line museum, there are various guided tours about Fort Vechten and the nearby Castellum Fectio. The guides take you to hidden places and tell you the story of this location.