Cherry and fruit growing

The Kromme Rijnstreek is worth a visit at any time of the year. The region is known for its fruit growing, especially of cherries, which dates back to Roman times.

In the spring, you can admire the beautiful blossoms in the area by cycling, walking or sailing. Various walking, cycling and sailing routes are available for this.

In the summer, it's 'cherry time'. Once the cherries have been harvested, you can savour them anywhere in the region. Cherries are offered for sale at the many cherry stalls or country shops and you can taste delicious fresh cherry pastries on various sunny terraces. During cherry season, the various associated events are well worth a visit, such as the Cherry Festival, the NK Cherry Pit Spitting, Cherry Pop, dining in the orchard and much more.

At harvest time, in the early autumn, you can taste and buy fresh apples, pears, plums and other local and organic products at the many fruit stalls and country shops.

Want to know more about the rich history of cherry growing? Then you can visit the interactive Cherry Museum at Theo and Martine Vernooy's fruit-growing company all year round!


When the Romans were in our country, they took advantage of the fertile soil around the Kromme Rijn to plant orchards. That's how cherries arrived in the Netherlands. They were the first people to start large-scale fruit cultivation. To this day, fruit from the region s traded with the rest of the Netherlands and abroad.

The first evidence of cherry cultivation and trade date from the 17th century, especially along the old river course. A bustling cherry trade developed in the Kromme Rijnstreek. As soon as the first harvest was brought in, they transported it to the bigger cities and sometimes abroad. A special tow barge was developed for transporting them by water: the Krommerijnder.

The image-defining high-growing orchards gave way over time to low-growing orchards, because it was easier to pick the fruit from them. Cherries, plums, apples and pears nowadays come from these more profitable orchards. The high-growing orchards are now classed as 'agricultural heritage'. Various growers in the Kromme Rijnstreek are striving to preserve this heritage.

Routes through the fruit region

Even more interesting places in the fruit region