Slot Zeist

The château was built in the French baroque style and is owned by Zeist Town Council. The interior has been adapted as much as possible to the time of its origin (the 17th century), and includes gobelings, large mirrors, furniture and portraits. The elegantly styled rooms in the grand and charming Slot are designed to reflect the era of its time. The grandeur of this aristocratic house can be experienced as soon as one drives through the stately and distinguished entrance that offers the visitor a royal welcome. The classical and traditional interior radiates the warmth of the baroque era. The fairytale décor will enhance and suit whatever event you organize. There are also regular exhibitions in the main building and in the wing gallery, theatre performances and concerts take place in Slot Zeist.

After an extensive and thorough restoration, Slot Zeist was reopened for the public early 2007 and is available again to the public for functions such as weddings or meetings and conferences but also for a cup of coffee or a sumptuous meal in the restaurant ‘Brasserie Marot’. Slot Zeist is one of the founding members of the Châteaux et Résidences Gastronomiques and Historical Conference Centres of Europe (HCCE). The restoration of Slot Zeist in the 1960s and the recent renovations have added to its rich history and enhanced the pomp and splendour of the building.

Slot Zeist itself is surrounded by well-designed English-style gardens and a large moat. Having a short break in this park during meetings will stimulate participants. Alternatively a romantic walk to the small teahouse on the waters’ edge can be a wonderfully renewing.